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  • Relationship with Money
    Aug 01, 2014
    You probably don’t wake up in the morning thinking about your relationship with your money (which is very different than waking up and worrying about your finances). Few, if any, people do. Howe… Read more >>
  • Throw a Party on $50 or Less!
    Jul 01, 2014
    If the high cost of food is crashing your party plans, then it is time to revamp your party style with some of these budget-friendly bashes.The Classic Pot Luck Bar-B-QueThis is a great way to get fam… Read more >>
  • Ten things to do on a “Staycation”
    Jun 02, 2014
    Since the recession began a few years ago, people have been substituting less expensive alternatives for vacations such as the increasingly popular and fun stay-at-home-vacation, or the “staycat… Read more >>

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